Sunday, September 23, 2012

Getting Ready for my Comeback

Just eight days away from my due date, the end is in sight.
I ran two half marathons during this pregnancy, but it still feels like an eternity since I've run.
I haven't run at all since the Provo City Half in May.
Since then it has been lots of walking and elliptical training, but nothing too serious or consistent.
I know what's ahead of me.
Slow runs.
Aching pelvis.
It's all bound to happen.
I've been there before.
I know that a 10-minute pace will soon feel like an all-out sprint.
I know that the first time I hit 5 miles again, I'm going to feel like an Olympic athlete.
I know that I'm going to have good days and bad days.
But mostly, I know that I will get back to where I once was, I have no doubt about that, and that is comforting.

I think at the end of my other pregnancies, I was scared.
Scared that I would never get back in shape.
Scared that I wouldn't be able to run as fast as before.
Scared that I wouldn't have the discipline to just get it done.

But the fourth time around, I just feel peaceful.
I know I will get there.
I know it will be hard.
I know it will take time.
But I'll get there.

The only thing I am scared about this time is the fact that I'm already registered for the Utah Valley FULL marathon in June. This is new territory. Running a full marathon just 8 months after having a baby? I know people do stuff like that, but I'm no Kara Goucher or Paula Radcliffe. Can you believe those ladies? Superhumans.

I think the hardest part about training for this marathon is going to be time.
Newborns are very time-consuming.
And when you exclusively breastfeed, things get even more tricky.
Justin and I have talked about it a lot, though, and he has been really understanding and supportive- I am so grateful to be married to a man who is supportive of me and is a team player. He doesn't seem bothered at all if he has to get up early with the baby if I'm out on a run, take care of the kids on Saturday mornings when I have long runs, etc. 

Aaand the thing that gives me hope is that we finally bought a treadmill.
It's a nice NordicTrak commercial treadmill that we got at a discount retailer. 
I've only used it for walking so far, but it seems nice and I have high hopes that this will allow me to get my runs in a LOT easier.

Alright, official marathon training starts in February!
So I have November, December & January to build my base before then.
Wish me luck!