Friday, February 17, 2012

Quick update...

Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks without running.
I'm pretty bummed out about it, but I jammed my leg when I missed a step in the cycle room 2 weeks ago and it just... did something.
I was feeling okay after my 9 mile run 2 Saturdays ago. I could feel my right shin a little but it was okay. And then when I jammed it... it just felt like something ripped. Just enough. 
A couple of days ago I parked my car  and ran across the street to give this poor homeless old man who was shaking like he had Parkinsons some money and just running across the street caused my shin to ache for a good half hour. Not good.
So... I'm resting it. I don't know how long this is going to take, but it's all I can do!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

And I'm back

Well, our tax return looked pretty good so Justin gave me the go-ahead to get some new shoes.
I think I'm a Mizuno girl for life.
I've always preferred Mizuno's, especially since they helped so much with my shin splints while training for my first marathon.
But after a few pairs, I was wondering if maybe there might be an even better shoe for me that I have yet to discover.
If there is, I still haven't found it.
I love the way my foot rolls in the Mizuno's, they just feel so natural.
So I am loving my new Mizuno Wave Alchemy 11's. 
My shins are doing better already.
I got the shoes on Wednesday and ran 3.2 on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday, 1 + a high-intensity elliptical workout on Friday, and today I ran 9 miles. I think that's the furthest I've gone since the Halloween Half and my legs felt good. Absolutely no shin pain in my left leg and some in my right, but manageable. I picked up some compression sleeves, too (thanks for that tip, Becca). The guy at the running store said he never runs a long run without them (2+ hours), but I decided to run in them today since this was a long run for me. The combination of new shoes and the sleeves helped a ton, my legs haven't felt that good in a while.
But because the right shin is still bothering me some, I'm icing and elevating, too, and hopefully it will go away soon.