Saturday, September 17, 2011

A little self reflection

Had to be brutally honest with myself during my 7 miler today.
I've put on some pounds and I'm not as fast as I thought I was.
But it's okay. I'm not gonna go sulk with a tub of ice cream or anything, I just need to work on some things before this half next month.

Before, during, after the move... I was not exercising consistently at all. I was eating whatever was easiest. And as it tends to do, it all caught up with me.

Because it was so hard for me to squeeze in exercise, the few times I did make it to the gym (maybe once a week?), I would just bust it as fast as I could on the treadmill for 3.2 to make myself feel like I was still in shape. I would stay in the 8 minute mile range, sometimes dipping into the upper 7's, feeling really awesome about myself.

But that was on a treadmill. And I don't know if this is true for everyone, but I can go way faster on a treadmill than in real life because I don't have to push my pace- the machine does that for me. I also never touched the incline so I didn't have to face one single teeny, tiny hill. No wind, no uneven terrain... none of that stuff.

Now that I've been running outside again, everything has changed. If I want to go fast, I have to do more than push a button and keep up with the spinning mouse wheel. I have to tell myself, "You can do better. You can go faster." And then actually do it. It's hard! 

And then there's the old running weight-o-meter, feeling every ounce of extra weight pulling you down. Not enjoyable.

So! I have six weeks until this race. Today I worked really hard and I did 7 miles at a 9:14 pace. 9:14 is not bad, it's just that I had to work so dang hard for it. My training goals for the next six weeks are to drop a few pounds by eating right (uh.. and eating less... chocolate... and ice cream...) and to push my pace on my shorter runs so I can be more comfortable running a teeny bit faster on my long runs.

Okay! Here goes!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New trails!!

(photo from The Daily Herald)

We've been in our new home for one week now and this morning I finally got to try out the running trails in Daybreak, which is right next to us. We don't officially live in Daybreak (yes! we don't have to pay their pricey HOA fees!), but we're reallllly close.

I knew there were running trails, but I didn't realize how many trails there were. I could run forever out there! It was awesome. On my way up, I had gorgeous valley views and then I ran around the lake. I ran five miles, but when I got home I told Justin I just wanted to go back out and do it again, I loved it so much. He said that is annoying. haha

One of my favorite things about running has always been exploring new areas, so today was awesome. Can't wait to find more trails and get favorite routes. 

I may have enjoyed it a bit too much, though, because I did a 10 minute pace (according to my Nike+ --finally found the foot sensor again when we moved). But I loved it. Plus, Justin and I are running the Halloween Half Marathon in Provo next month and I don't want to hurt myself. Haha remember how I thought I was going to run that race last year? Two and half months after having Kyle? Hahaha! I know there are people who do that, but I'm definitely not one of them!

Anyway, loving our new house and our new trails. Hopefully I will be a little faster next time though. :)