Monday, November 16, 2009


Okay, confession time.
I haven't been running much.
Maybe once a week. Twice is really good.

It gets dark around 5.
Justin gets home around 4.
I work two of those weekdays and the other 3 are always just so dang busy.

Heaven knows I love to run.
But maybe I don't love it enough to work my life around it.
I will run when there is plenty of opportunity.
Summer is full of endless daylight and Justin is home so much to watch the kids.
But now, when I can't wake up early to run (it's dark), I can barely squeeze it in after Justin gets home, and I don't have a gym option anymore... holy cow, it's getting the better of me.

I need some motivation in a major way.
A race?
Maybe a turkey trot?
Or maybe a fancy gym membership?

Something has got to change.
I need help!