Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Here we go: Post Baby Marathon

When I was pregnant, I was so unsure if I would be able to do this.
Run a full marathon 8 months after giving birth?
I know people do it, but could I? Really?

I am happy to say that I think I can.
I've completed my first three weeks of training and so far, so good!

I think it really helped that I ran those two half marathons at 16 and 18 weeks along, because I've never felt this good in my running comeback before.
I always have these pelvic bone pains for months and months after giving birth, but I haven't felt them once this time. Except for being fatter than usual, I feel really normal!

I'm doing the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Training Schedule, the same one I did for my first marathon. Since that marathon was in 2009 and two babies ago, I figured I might as well start over like it's my first time.

Here's how the mileage has gone gone:
Week One: 3-3-3-5 (oopsie! the long run was supposed to be 6)
Week Two: 3-3-3-7
Week Three: 3-4-3-5 (Hal Higdon has you go down before your next big advance)
Week 4 (This week): 3-4-3-9

So this Saturday, I will hit 9 miles, which is further than I've ever gone 4 months after having a baby. My biggest concern is injury. I'm stretching like crazy, wearing compression sleeves on long runs, and paying attention to form. I'm probably due for new shoes pretty soon, so I better get on that, too.

My pace is anywhere between a 9-10 minute mile. I'm totally happy with that. I'm not pushing speed at all, I don't need to be fast right now. I just need to get the miles in. This first marathon is June 8th (Utah Valley), but I'm also registered for the Big Cottonwood Marathon in September. Sooooo excited for that one, a lot of girls from my ward are running it, too. So if all goes well in June, I can work hard during the summer to get a better time in September. I'm so excited for these races and crossing my fingers all goes well!