Thursday, March 24, 2011

Into the elements

Spring is here and things are slightly warming up in Utah.
So I have ventured away from the treadmill and out into the elements.
I forgot about elements.
Elements are kind of rough.
But I kind of like rough.

My 5.5 Saturday run was like running through a wind tunnel.
I had a mile-long stretch where the wind was so strong I felt like I was running underwater.
It wasn't my preferred way to run, but I do get that sense of satisfaction knowing that I am getting prepared for wind should that happen in a race.
Running outside also brings unexpected hills.
And since I have a 4 mile steep uphill leg in the upcoming Ragnar relay, bring 'em on!

I also came across 3 dead animals in one run on Saturday- that part of outdoor running is not my favorite.

But I'm happy to be outdoors again.

I can feel summer coming and it sure feels good!